The Courses Room Terms and Conditions of Hire

The person/organisation signing / agreeing to the booking form is deemed to be the person/organisation responsible for the supervision of the premises and behaviour of persons using the room during the hire period.

  1. The responsible person/organisation must ensure they have read, understood and informed all course / event participants prior to the activity start time the attached document explaining the duties, including the Fire Safety Procedure and Covid-Safe Guidelines which are displayed in The Courses Room Kitchen.
  2. Emergency exits are clearly marked and the responsible person / organisation must ensure that all Emergency Exits are kept clear at all times.  The key for the main emergency exit is kept in the door for ease of access.  The responsible person / organisation must ensure that the key is there before the activity start time and must inform Rachel Bartholomew immediately if it is not there.
  3. The responsible person/organisation will indemnify The Courses Room at Cedar Farm for the cost of repair of any damage done to any part of the property including fabric or contents of the building which has occurred during the period of the hiring and as a result of the hiring. The Hirer must ensure nothing is done or brought onto the premises which may endanger the Courses Room, or anyone in the Courses Room, or invalidate the insurance policies.
  4. If an insurance claim is made against the Courses Room insurer, the responsible person/organisation agrees to co-operate with, and provide any information required by the insurer.
  5. It is the responsibility of the responsible person/organisation to ensure that adequate insurance cover exists for all the activities for which the room is hired.
  6. The use of candles and fireworks and smoke machines is strictly forbidden. Under no circumstances should bottled gas be brought on to the premises.
  7. It is against the law to smoke anywhere on the premises of Cedar Farm.
  8. The Courses Room at Cedar Farm does not have a licence for gaming, betting and lotteries. It is the responsibility of the responsible person/organisation to ensure nothing is done on or in relation to the premises in contravention of the law relating to gaming, betting and lotteries.
  9. No dogs, except guide dogs are to be brought into the premises.
  10.  The Courses Room at Cedar Farm will not be responsible for or accept any liability whatever for any loss, theft, damage or injury sustained on the property.
  11. The responsible person/organisation, or anyone employed or contracted by the responsible person/organisation, must ensure that rooms are not used for any other purpose than that for which it has been hired; the rooms may not be sublet without the permission of the Courses Room at Cedar Farm or must not be used for any unlawful purpose or in an unlawful way.
  12. Equipment used must be fireproof, electrical and mechanical equipment and installation must meet current safety standards, conform to the requirements of the licensing authority and be PAT tested as appropriate.
  13. The responsible person/organisation is responsible for ensuring that all relevant health and hygiene legislation and regulations are complied with in respect to preparing and serving food. (The Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006)
  14. It is the responsibility of the responsible person/organisation to make sure the Courses Room is left clean and tidy at the end of the booking.  Additional Covid-safe guidelines must also be adhered to currently. The kitchen must be fully cleaned after use. The Courses Room reserve the right to make an additional £15.00 charge for cleaning if the room and kitchen area are not left tidy.
  15. If the responsible person/organisation wishes to bring any equipment onto the premises then this shall be agreed with the Courses Room at Cedar Farm prior to the event and must be removed immediately following the event. The responsible person/organisation agrees that any equipment left longer than this period may be disposed of.
  16. Any decoration in the Courses Room is to be restricted to table decorations or those of a free-standing nature. Nothing is to be affixed to the walls, doors, woodwork or other parts of the building. Under no circumstance must Drawing Pins, Blue Tack, or Sellotape be used.
  17. It is your responsibility to check and adhere to current guidance on maximum numbers using the room
  18. The responsible person/organisation shall ensure that any activities for children comply with current safeguarding and child protection regulations and provisions, (Childcare Act 2006) and only fit and proper persons have access to the children.
  19. Any member of the Courses Room at Cedar Farm (if on the business of the Courses Room at Cedar Farm) may be allowed into the room during the time of any hire of any kind unless it would be in contravention of Clause 18.
  20. The responsible person/organisation accepts responsibility for their legal duties relating to the safety of people attending their event/class/workshop. A reminder of these duties are listed overleaf.
  21. Tables and chairs may be used at your own risk.  The tables and chairs are checked for suitability of use on a weekly basis. Please perform your own checks whilst putting them out at the start of your course.  There is a ‘how to put the tables up / away instruction guide’ affixed to the courses room kitchen wall.  Please ensure all tables are put away and chairs stacked neatly at the back of the room following your session.

The Courses Room at Cedar Farm reserves the right to refuse a booking without notice, OR to cancel this hiring agreement at any time before or during the term of the agreement in the event of the premises becoming unfit for the use intended by the responsible person/organisation. In which case the Courses Room at Cedar Farm will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damages whatsoever.


As the person signing the Courses Room booking form you or your nominated person are deemed to be the person responsible for the event/class/workshop. This means you have legal duties with regards to the safety of those persons attending.

The Hirer or their designated Temporary Responsible Person should be conversant with the location of the first aid and firefighting equipment. Be fully aware of the Covid-Safe Guidelines and Evacuation Procedure attached, and cause it to be read out at the start of a function. Accidents must be recorded in the accident book located in the kitchen and reported to Rachel Bartholomew.

Please read the following carefully before the event/function:

At the start of the event you MUST tell all those present about:

The Emergency Evacuation Procedure and that Cedar Farm is a No Smoking environment

In the event of discovering a Fire, press the fire alarm button situated next door to Briony Machin studio in main entrance of Pig Barn.

·         In the case of fire Audible Alarms will sound 



·         A FIRE EXTINGUISHER is located in the Courses Room kitchen

·         EMERGENCY EXITS are indicated by GREEN & WHITE signs and are located:

  • One at the front of The Pig Barn building (Disabled Access)
  • One at the rear of the Courses Room (Please note that there is a step here so this route may not be suitable for wheelchair users or people with reduced mobility)

·         Leave the Courses Room by the nearest safe exit door. Ensure that windows are closed.

·         Last person out to close the doors but DO NOT LOCK ANY DOORS.

·         DO NOT stop to collect personal belongings.

·         Make your way to the main car park entrance.

·         DO NOT re-enter the building until authorised to do so by the Emergency Services.

·        NO ONE should leave the Assembly Point until it has been checked that everyone is out of the building.

·         It it is your responsibility to contact the Fire Service by dialling 999.

 Before the event you should decide:

  • The arrangements for the safe evacuation of people identified as especially at risk, such as, those with disabilities, and children.
  • The duties and identity of those who have specific responsibilities should there be a fire; i.e. dealing with children.
  • Who will be responsible for calling the Fire and Rescue service and any other necessary services;
  • Who will meet the fire and rescue service on their arrival.

During the event you MUST ensure that:

  • There are no naked flames (unless authorised)
  • Rooms do not become overcrowded. The maximum capacity of the Courses Room is 20 people (although this may temporarily change depending on Covid-19 restrictions in place at the time of your booking).
  • You MUST ensure that all escape routes are kept clear of obstructions AT ALL TIMES.     

Following the event you MUST ensure that:

  • Doors and windows are locked
  • Wall heaters are turned off
  • The room is left clean and tidy, ready for the next session